Tuesday, 7 November 2017



After the business of the a.g.m, members voted to choose the winner of the Doreen Jackson award.
Out of the four entries, the piece with the most votes was a needlelace sampler in the shape of a leaf, worked by Pamela.

Below are the other three entries

It was hoped that more members might start a travelling book.Sandra will order the sketch books for anyone who wishes to join in.
Several members had brought their books so that new members could see the variety of work and hopefully be inspired to have a go.


This was our last meeting at Sylvan Avenue. Next month we will be in Bowden Vale.

Saturday, 4 November 2017


Information Update

Change of Venue from November.

The next meeting, on November 8th. will be held at
Bowden Vale Methodist Church.
Priory Street 
 Altrincham  WA143BQ.

The meetings will still be held on the second Wednesday of the month at 10.30.a.m.
Parking on nearby streets.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Our sewing day in the Old Post Office Buildings in Altrincham town centre  turned out to be a sewing morning, as we were informed when we arrived that we could not stay for the afternoon.This was a pity as most of us had been looking forward to sampling  afternoon tea.
The butterfly theme was taken up by many members and there were many attractive results.

This was my attempt. i would like to add a few more. 

July Meeting

Vistors From Glossop

This month our speakers were  Ann Cornef and Chris Harris, two members of the Glossop branch.

Chris began by telling us about their links and work with a local primary school.

These are some of the delightful cushions that the children made with guidance from a small group of members.



The next speaker was Ann. She has worked in many techniques, including printing, batik,machine quilting  and making three dimensional articles.

This lovely box was my favourite piece.

Three of our members will be making a return visit to the Glossop branch on October 22nd.

Monday, 10 July 2017




All In Stitches

Our speaker  Dilys Roberts is one of our members, but this month she was wearing her patchwork hat.

She began by making us read her imaginary whiteboard writing to find the dates of her various quilting milestones, as a little audience participation.


Then we were shown some of her really beautiful quilts as she us the story of each one, including those which had been entered into exhibitions, won prizes and featured in magazines.


Everyone had really enjoyed this feast of colour, design and technique.