Sunday, 26 February 2017

February 8th 2017

Jude Becket

Creating Yarn from Interesting Fibres.

Jude spins,dyes,weaves and felts,but loves spinning from natural fibres.

She always takes her spinning wheel with her when she gives a talk or workshop.


Jude passed round many of the yarns she has spun from various animals, which as well as the various breeds of sheep, include llamas, alpaca,mohair and dog hair. Some of her commissions are from people who want the hair from their pet sheep or dogs spun and woven.

She then  span a skein of wool


Then she chose another decorative yarn, and span the two together

Jude gave us this for someone to make into an interesting article.

This is one of the many impressive pieces made by Jude.
It was a revelation to see and feel how varied were the colours and textures  to be found in sheep's wool. A really interesting talk and demonstration.
 Unfortunately for me I  will be away for the next meeting, when the talk will be about the Leek Embroideries. I had really been looking forward to it.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

september meeting

Sue Sercombe

My Life in Stitches.

We were treated this month to a wealth of stitches in the work of this week's speaker.
 Sue has been teaching embroidery and textile art for many years, and dyes fabrics and threads for sale as well as using them in her own work. Some of the threads can be seen  in front of Leslie.

This is a detail of a beautifully dyed silk scarf.

As well as all the traditinal types of embroidery, such as counted stitch, crewel and gold work to name just a few, Sue loves to experiment and try many new media and techniques. 

I love this piece using paper over wire shapes
September continued

This elephant is one of my favourite pieces of Sue's work.

Working in three dimensions is a favourite technique of Sues at the moment.
I am sure everyone found her work as fascinating and inspirational as I did.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Richard Box Workshop.

A visit to Merseyside

In August, Mary and I spent an enjoyable day with members of the Merseyside branch for a workshop with Richard Box.

We started off in a large group with scissors and glue, a piece of hessian, and scraps of fabric.

I had the best seat in the house.


 After that we went on to machine embroidery. Mary and I had a few teething problems with the embroidery feet



But finally ,success!


After that we began hand stitching

 Some of the glued bits weren't easy to get the needle through.


Here is a completed version of a similar piece.


At the end of the afternoon we had a show and tell, and a chance to buy kits and D.V.Ds

Goose Green

Group Embroidery

This is a photo of a watercolour painting owned by Sandra. She thought it would be a good subject for an embroidery, so, after getting permission from the painter's son a small group of us set to work. After enlarging the photograph, we coloured a building each by painting them onto white cotton with Inktense and Koh-i-noor paints and crayons, then using collage and  hand and machine embroiderywe attached them to a firmer background.
The sky was airbrushed onto white cotton, missing out the multi-story building in the background, and all the pieces were appliqued on.

The geese, which gave the area it's name, have been re-located, but we decided to put them back. The passers by are Sandra's grandchildren and Leslie.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Summer Break

National Stitch Day

This year we had a pleasant day stitching in "The Cafe in the Park", which is in Stamford park Altrincham. We had a room at the back of the cafe with tea and very nice cakes conveniently to hand.

  We were embroidering leaves for our Capability Brown exhibition at Tatton Park, to be held next year

These visitors were admiring our embroidery of houses on Goose Green, a local landmark.