Monday, 25 April 2016

February Meeting
Weird and Wonderful Dolls

Our speaker this month was one of our own members---Jenny Legge
Jenny has a large and fascinating collection of dolls, some of which have been bought over many years, and some that she has made herself

 expect to see from a traditional doll collection.

About fifteen years ago, Jenny started experimenting with making 3D figures
 based on images by well known artists. No need to name this artist.

The collection includes ethnic dolls and dolls made by other doll makers 
 that Jenny admires.

Her cloth dolls are often inspired by phrases or quotations that have caught 
her imagination.

Jennie's main interest now, is in using and incorporating found objects, such
as beachcombings, and distressed and recycled items to construct .figures that
could be found in museums, such as primitive fetish or ceremonial objects