Monday, 10 July 2017




All In Stitches

Our speaker  Dilys Roberts is one of our members, but this month she was wearing her patchwork hat.

She began by making us read her imaginary whiteboard writing to find the dates of her various quilting milestones, as a little audience participation.


Then we were shown some of her really beautiful quilts as she us the story of each one, including those which had been entered into exhibitions, won prizes and featured in magazines.


Everyone had really enjoyed this feast of colour, design and technique.

Sunday, 4 June 2017


May Outing

Our outing in May was to Leek in Staffordshire.

The day began with a drive through beautiful countryside in fine weather. The first stop for many when we arrived was for coffee and cakes, then exploring the town with a little retail therapy and lunch.

Our next destination was to All Saints' Church where we were met by Rowena Lovatt.

Rowena had been our speaker in May when she had told us the story of the Leek Embroideries.

For our visit she had arranged to have many of the embroideries out on display. She guided us round the works giving us much information and insight into the work, including pieces that she had worked on.

The day ended with another lovely ride home through more beautiful scenery.

The pictures below were kindly provided by Mary and Jenny as I had left my camera at home.




Friday, 2 June 2017


James Sharp 

Printing on Fabric

As a newcomer to textiles, James found a method of printing onto fabric that was simple and inexpensive. He bought different types of fabric from charity shops, and used commercial stamps to print onto them
He then found that the stamp pads normally used with these blocks dried up very quickly, so he began to use cheap acrylic  paints (mainly black) to print with. He makes a variety of items which include bags, books and aprons. I particularly liked the gardener's apron made from a heavy strong fabric with a nice big pocket.
After a demonstration, James invited members to try their hands at making a print.before having a look at the sales table.

As well as using all sorts of fabric for the covers of his books, James used mainly recycled paper for the pages too.

 this is one of the prints I made.

The two prints below are ones that I did at home afterwards. I printed some fabric using a Gelli plate, then added the images in the same way as James, with wooden stamps and black acrylic paint. I have also been using paints to print with instead of the commercial printing pads.



Sunday, 26 February 2017

February 8th 2017

Jude Becket

Creating Yarn from Interesting Fibres.

Jude spins,dyes,weaves and felts,but loves spinning from natural fibres.

She always takes her spinning wheel with her when she gives a talk or workshop.


Jude passed round many of the yarns she has spun from various animals, which as well as the various breeds of sheep, include llamas, alpaca,mohair and dog hair. Some of her commissions are from people who want the hair from their pet sheep or dogs spun and woven.

She then  span a skein of wool


Then she chose another decorative yarn, and span the two together

Jude gave us this for someone to make into an interesting article.

This is one of the many impressive pieces made by Jude.
It was a revelation to see and feel how varied were the colours and textures  to be found in sheep's wool. A really interesting talk and demonstration.
 Unfortunately for me I  will be away for the next meeting, when the talk will be about the Leek Embroideries. I had really been looking forward to it.