Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The squares were posted after Christmas and I received an e-mail from Ruby to say thank you to everyone, and how lovely she thought they looked.

Monday, 30 December 2013

December Meeting

This month Kathryn Thompson came to show us some of her wonderful "Dolls with Attitude,"and they definitely had plenty. Kathryn was even wearing some

There was lots of very good information on the tecniques that she used, as well as some special tools and fabrics.
She told us how she made them stand, and how she made  the hinged dolls.

This doll is being used as a book illustration.
Johnny Depp or Charles 1st
This lady has more attitude than most.

To go with the exhibition, many members had worked hard to produce small items for sale.We were again given the use of the Altrincham Onwards premises to set up our sales table,
and  members took turns on duty during the week of the sale.
Our own members made a great contribution to the successs of the sale.Any remaining items were on sale after our A.G.M.
Many thanks are due to Diana,our secretary who worked extremely hard to make it a success.
She is shown here with a  customer.


Sunday, 29 December 2013


I am catching up on my posts again so that I am ready to start afresh in January.
One of my New Year resolutions is to keep this blog up to date

Our Exhibition

As there are too many pieces to show,I have included one picture to represent work from all those members whose
work was on show.Apologies if I have missed anyone out.
We had a varied selection of lovely work in a good location.

Friday, 30 August 2013

National Sewing Day

For the National Sewing Day we were given the use of some premises belonging to Altringham Forward on Shaw's road. Altrinham.
As it was a lovely sunny day the glass sliding doors were fully open and relays of us spent a few pleasant hours showing our various embroidery skills to passers by, despite a little competition from a flower stall outside.
As well as having the turquoise squares on display, members had each brought one or two pieces of their own finished work.

Some of the work being done was to exhibit or sell in September.some were sewing  the silk squares forRubina Porter, and others were working on their current project.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Sorry it has been such an age since the last posting. So many things in the way...Holidays,gardening,visits to flower shows, Finding somewhere to fit in all the new plants from the holidays and flower show.
But back to embroidery. Like many of us , I am working on my piece for the exhibition at the Sale Waterside Gallery in September.

In June, Ruby Porter spoke to us about her involvement in the Sreepur village in Bangladesh; home to 600 destitute women and children who are trained in all aspects of textiles.We were able to admire and buy many of their lovely products.

Ruby can just be seen surrounded by members admiring the work.


 This quilt was being raffled and members were invited to embroider a flower on a silk square to make another one. It was suggested by a visitor that it might be a worthwhile project for the branch. We have got 20 square sto embroider. My sister and I have been taking advantage of the lovely weather to sit in the garden to work on ours.
Below are some of the squares from this quilt.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

February Meeting

Our speaker this month was Anne Ongley, who told us about her mothers influence on her work and delighted us with many pieces embroidered by both of them.

Members were particularly intrigued by the work on gigham, called by Anne,s mother "Chickenscratch"

Anne said thet her mother would have loved people to have seen her work shown our blog.

 Below are a few examples of their work.


 I don't know how this big space  appeared. As I can not make it go away I am filling it a bit with this large apology. one day I will get a perfect post.

The other pictures are here if you scroll down far enough.