Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Sorry it has been such an age since the last posting. So many things in the way...Holidays,gardening,visits to flower shows, Finding somewhere to fit in all the new plants from the holidays and flower show.
But back to embroidery. Like many of us , I am working on my piece for the exhibition at the Sale Waterside Gallery in September.

In June, Ruby Porter spoke to us about her involvement in the Sreepur village in Bangladesh; home to 600 destitute women and children who are trained in all aspects of textiles.We were able to admire and buy many of their lovely products.

Ruby can just be seen surrounded by members admiring the work.


 This quilt was being raffled and members were invited to embroider a flower on a silk square to make another one. It was suggested by a visitor that it might be a worthwhile project for the branch. We have got 20 square sto embroider. My sister and I have been taking advantage of the lovely weather to sit in the garden to work on ours.
Below are some of the squares from this quilt.


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