Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Meetings 2011

12 January

“So you’re a stitcher?” by Pam Duxbury

9 February

The History and Techniques of Japanese Embroidery by Jane Smith.

9 March.

Embroidery for Fashion by Jenny Head

April 13.

Introduction to the Banners and Conservation at the Peoples’ History Museum by Vivian Lochhead

11 May

OUTING to Hebden Bridge and Bankfield Museum, Halifax.

8 June

Why go Digital? Taking some of the mystery out of using digital technology

by Teresa Jones, of Connect-2

13 July

Sumptuous Silk by Margo Singer

14 September

Indian Embroidery A PowerPoint Presentation by Beryl Waterfield.

12 October 12.


9 November

Introduction to Japanese Kimono and Fabrics by Helen Smith, of Clothaholics

14 December

Snippets and Stories from the Thirties by June Corner